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    This chart shows the Blood Alcohol Level and an approximate number of beers to get you to that BAC and the effect it will have on your driving skills. As you can see it can only take two beers to get you to a .02% BAC which will effect your judgement skills and then three beers can make it difficult to steer a car. Toxins remain in the hair for as long as the hair remains uncut, so a history of marijuana use can be recorded for up to three years. As soon as you are done working out you need to give your body protein and carbohydrates that are easily digested so that they can go straight to work helping repair your torn muscles. A protein shake is one of the best methods for accomplishing this. A United States patent for the "Method for Treating Alcohol Drinking Responses" Was issued on November 21, 1989[10] David Sinclair was listed as the inventor, and the patent was assigned to Alko Limited (Helsinki, FI). The patent expired on June 13, 2008, and Sinclair has stated that the existence of the patent "May have delayed the process" Of spreading awareness of the Sinclair Method.[11] In cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), the patient and therapist work in one-on-one sessions to identify factors that cause relapse, called cues. The therapist provides strategies for defusing high-risk situations. The patient practices the techniques with the therapist, and when confronted by the cue outside the therapy setting, is better able to cope with the situation without drinking. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET) is a nonconfrontational therapy that focuses on motivating the patient to modify behavior. Therapists provide structured, positive feedback that enhances the patient'S desire to change.
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